Give Your Staff the Tools to Make Your Service More Effective and Rider Responsive

  • Four-day introductory or refresher course for professionals in planning, marketing, scheduling, and operations.
  • Taught by “hands-on” instructors with over 70 years experience.
  • Attended by more than 3,600 transit professionals from over 200 transit systems, MPOs, federal agencies, state DOTs, and local governments.


The purpose of this course is to introduce operations planning to new professionals in the transit industry and to serve as a refresher course for others in the field. Transit operations planning is broadly defined as a collection of activities which together assure that transit services are cost effectively provided to meet the short-term mobility needs of a community. The specific objectives of this course are as follows:

  • To introduce a service planning and evaluation framework, and
  • To teach the concepts and analytical techniques needed for service planning.

The course was developed with guidance from an Advisory Review Panel of experts. It’s members represented transit operators, planning agencies and professional organizations. The course was formerly sponsored by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). Over 3,600 transit professionals, from more than 200 transit agencies, have attended this course.

Who Should Attend

The course is aimed at new planners (i.e., less than one year of experience) for fixed-route bus operations and planners who would like a refresher course. The course is useful for people involved in activities such as:

  • Route and Service┬áPlanning
  • Service Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Data Collection, and
  • Scheduling

Transit professionals in other related areas (e.g., marketing, finance, personnel, contracting, transportation) may also wish to attend to develop and understanding of transit planning.